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The Team

Dr. Siún Hanrahan

Dr. Siún Hanrahan
Research Coordinator
School of Art , Design and Printing
Centre for Visual, Performing and Media Arts in Ireland


Siún Hanrahan is an artist and writer and is research coordinator for the School of Art Design and Printing at Dublin Institute of Technology.

Her research interests include n ovel approaches to pedagogy and e-learning spanning the disciplines of art and design, the dynamics, methodology and cognitive outcomes of visualisation within Drawing, Illustration, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Typography, Film, Engineering, Architecture, Science, and other disciplines, investigation of the culture of practice based research and its relationship with traditional academic research and art and thinking, the nature of meaning (both through art practice and art criticism).

The central concern of both her artwork and her writing is the nature of meaning. Her most recent artwork, A Tale of Bread , takes the form of a book in three parts - Milling, Baking and Eating - and explores the intercourse of self and other in the emergence of meaning www.breadmatters.org .

BABEL is an ongoing interdisciplinary research project and an art project about the struggle to make meaning. It is about confusion (the arbitrariness in the meanings we make), conversation (the emergence of meaning in the encounter with others), and incompletion (meaning is never achieved).

Siún's exhibitions include: Bread Matters III, curated by Inês Amado and Ann Davoren at West Cork Arts Centre, 2005; Guessing : A Work/Writing at the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast (2001 ) ; Congress Exhibition at the Mueseo di Arte Contemporanea, Rome (1998); Translating Movement at the Proposition Gallery, Belfast (1997); Invitation at the Context Gallery, Derry (1996). Her essays have been included in Leonardo , an MIT Press Journal, and in edited anthologies such as Poesis: Making Meaning, Thinking Through Art: art/philosophy/language , edited by Katy MacLeod and Lin Holdridge, Taylor and Francis, 2005, and New Media and Process, Irish Modern and Contemporary Art: History and Perspectives, edited by Catherine Marshall and Yvonne Scott, Yale University Press, upcoming .


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